Material range 
ü Hot dip galvanised
ü Aluminium zinc
ü Electrolytic zinc
ü Cold rolled
ü Hot rolled pickled
Production capabilities
ü Steel strip
ü Standard sized sheets
ü Custom-sized blanks
Parent coils
ü Max. width 2100 mm
ü Inside diameter 508 mm or 610 mm
ü Outside diameter 2000 mm max.
ü Coil weight max 30 tons
Cut to lenght – technical specifications
ü Thickness from 0.30 mm to 4.00 mm
ü Width from 20 mm to 2100 mm
ü Lenght to 8000 mm
ü Thickness up to 2.00 mm
Width +- 0.30 mm – Length +- 0.30 mm
ü Thickness over 2.00 mm to 4.00 mm
Width +- 0.30 mm – Lenght +- 0.50 mm
ü Double flatness on request
Slitting lines – technical specifications
ü Thickness from 0.30 mm to 4.00 mm
ü Width from 17 mm to 2100 mm
Width tolerances
ü +- 0.15 mm
Possibility for one side protection film on sheet.