About Vergalle

The basis for our local metal hardware retail business was laid around 1950.   The following years this venture grew into a healthy production unit, thans to healthy entrepreneurship among other things.  This unit has given rise to various spin-offs, such as NV Vergalle ,  which have grown into medium-sized businesses in Flanders.   In the past NV Vergalle focused and continues to focus on cutting coils into strips and plates.


In 1988 NV Vergalle came under the ownership of Frank Vergalle, who continued his father's succes story with great ambition.  Thanks to targeted investments in new machine lines the company continued to develop.   Vergalle NV evolved into a veritable Service Center,  with a substantial stock of in-house coils.


In 1999 the company moved in its entirety to the new, much more spacious buildings in the Leupegem Industrial Estate in Oudenaarde.  The company maintained its growth during the following years and effortlessly succeeded in reaching the symbolic milestone of 100.000 tonnes of custom product deleiverd to the customers.   Through further software implementations, maximum automation and motivated workers Vergalle NV can now cater to any wish the customer may have such as speedy delivery, specific packaging, manner of transportation and dimensions of the finished product.

Today some 40 employees are active within the company, achieving a combined turnover of about 100 million Euro in 2011.   Most customers are located in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, England and Germany.